Powerful coaching is optimally attuned to the client and his/her learning needs. This means that each coaching process is customised. Full alignment with the context, learning style and learning speed of the client sometimes requires a different working method than you are used to. For example, using e-mail coaching or a short telephone conversation followed by a digital assignment can be more effective than meeting in person. Do you feel comfortable enough to use a combination of different methods and means to flexibly adapt your interventions to the context of your client?

Based on my extensive experience as a coach, trainer and supervisor, I am happy to support you with my supervision in becoming proficient in this style of coaching. During supervision, we look together at how you can optimally connect with the learning question and the context of your clients.

The supervision process is also based on customisation and, depending on your needs, I use a combination of personal conversations, telephone, Skype and e-mail contact.

You can also choose whether you want to receive supervision on the broad use of resources, or whether you want to train yourself specifically in mail coaching.

If you are interested in supervision, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.