mentor coaching

Powerful coaching is coaching in accordance with who clients are and their learning needs. This means that coaching is a tailor-made process. Attuning to the context, learning style and speed of the client, sometimes requires a different way of working than you are used to. Hence, the use of email coaching or a short phone call, followed by an online assignment, can be more effective than meeting in person.

Do you feel comfortable enough to use a combination of different methods and tools to attune your interventions flexibly to your client’s context?

As an experienced coach, trainer and mentor coach, I gladly support you with my mentor coaching in becoming proficient in this particular way of coaching. During the mentor sessions we will focus on how to attune your coaching to your client’s context and learning needs. My mentor coaching is also a tailor-made process, so you can choose whether you want to receive mentor coaching on how to use a wide range of methods and tools or rather on becoming proficient in email coaching only. Depending on your own learning needs, the sessions will be in person, by telephone, Skype or email.

If you are interested in mentor coaching, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.